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Bound together through the powerful convergence of knowledge and leadership, our expert team skillfully guides our clients through the launch-to-market process with confidence and clarity.

Everything is in place prior to launch, and we set clear expectations on trajectory through our diverse market insight and perspective.

Our competitive advantage is reinforced by an extensive history in establishing prominent brands into the marketplace, sparked by strategy, experience, relationships and the execution know-how.

At Rocket our attitude is imbued by our accomplished team, one that commands respect for their uplifting culture and can-do attitude. This is how we deliver results.

For any pharmaceutical consumer goods company actively seeking to propel their brand to new heights – look no further. If your brand, your vision and your passion connects and aligns with ours, then we are your next generation partner. (The best senior sales executives and a nationally represented salesforce).

More power to brands and more power to people.


“Rocket is an extreme team of individuals assigned to carry out the mission of delivering more power to brands with the experience required to stay the course in an ever-changing industry. Rocket by name makes a statement about our culture! No space crew ever embarked on a mission without a clear purpose. With trust and confidence, we know the right people are on board.”

– Matt Holmes


Rocket is an extreme team assigned to carry out the mission of delivering more power to brands.

The retail industry is in a constant state of change and requires entrepreneurial and strategic thinkers. Our diverse team has unique and complementary skills, experience and qualities. Each individual plays to their strengths to be a powerhouse of insights and solutions with the experience required to stay the course.

Like a crew on an interstellar mission we navigate the retail landscape, mitigate risks and take actions needed to achieve optimal results.


Matt-Holmes 1

“My power is setting strategic direction for brands both domestically and internationally.”

Matt Holmes
Managing Director


“My power is building high performing teams that are engaged and deliver results.”

Julie Spalding
General Manager – People & Field Excellence

Dimitra Papantoniou

“My power is having both experience as a buyer and supplier.”

Dimitra Papantoniou
General Manager – Brand & Retail Partners

Rodney Saunders2

“My power is building relationships to drive growth for both brand and banner.”

Rodney Saunders
Head of Growth

Field Team

We are progressive and innovative with a field force to drive sales in retail. Powered by a great sense of urgency, motivated by our desire to chase opporunity, discover new territory and unearth future potential, all for a common desire to give more power to our brands and retail partners.

Our Rocket team represent with velocity and a passion for success.


At Rocket, our people are our best asset and we are proud to offer a great working environment; one where you are empowered to grow and give more power to our much-loved brands!

If you’re interested in exploring a career with Rocket, please reach out to Megan Roberts – our Talent & Business Performance Partner, for a confidential chat on 0402 330 656 or by email.

With a head office based in Melbourne and a field team Australia-wide, we value experience across:

• Territory sales
• Account management
• Visual merchandising
• Product training
• Sales and administrative support
• Campaign and brand management
• Marketing

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