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Heritage Brands


DURATION: 2018 – Current

Heritage Brands wished to cement its position as market leader in the pure essential oils category and drive new and expanded pharmacy channel distribution. Not only would the Oil Garden range resonate strongly with key pharmacy shopper demographics, but also deliver portfolio growth and improved commercial returns.

The cornerstone of the strategy was the targeting and acquisition of new retail banners and independent pharmacy customers, in parallel with working closely with Chemist Warehouse stores directly to influence and drive major promotional activity and planogram compliance. Working across both retailer management and in-field support, Rocket were able to drive incremental sales, increase distribution and create an aromatherapy & wellness destination category with the Oil Garden range. Equally important was to continue focussing on organic growth through ongoing banner partnerships with new range implementation and consumer value pack and gift offerings for seasonal events.

All retail banner and independent stockists have seen strong growth in their pure essential oils category driven by Oil Garden attracting new shoppers.

The results: 

  • Sales in the independent & banner pharmacy marketplace have grown +60% over the past three years.
  • Sales in Chemist Warehouse have grown 15% over the past three years
  • Oil Garden has grown its distribution significantly across the independent & banner pharmacy marketplace from 500 stockists to 750 (+50%)
  • Acquisition of five new banner group customers (Amcal, Discount Drug Stores, Good Price Pharmacy, Chempro & Star Discount Chemist) generating incremental new business equating to 21% of total brand value over the past two years

Bondi Sands

Self Tan, SPF and Skincare

DURATION: 2021 – Current

Created in 2012 in Melbourne, the Bondi Sands brand began with a humble range of 3 products. It has now amassed to a range of more than 180 skus and is the market leading sun care brand globally. Most recently they entered the skin care category with a brand targeted to the active ingredient’s consumer.

In July 2022, Rocket was tasked with leading the brands transition from a direct to store model to distributing through all wholesalers, reducing the lead time into store, and opening more ranging opportunities for customers. Rocket was also tasked with further category participation with expansion into the highly competitive SPF and skin care categories.
In the lead up to the July 2022 re-launch into the pharmacy channel, Rocket worked closely with Bondi Sands to negotiate favourable outcomes across all wholesalers. The resulted outcome included the addition of a ‘core range’ of products being added into all wholesaler DC’s. This ensured that every pharmacy had access to key Bondi Sands sku’s in their state. Securing ranging in each of the wholesalers also allowed Rocket to unlock increased distribution across key pharmacy banners. Additional ranging was historically unattainable due to being only available as direct to store distribution, making set up at store level difficult and hard to manage.



DURATION: 2020 – Current

Boody launched into the Australian pharmacy market in 2012 offering sustainable underwear, socks and basics made from bamboo. Over time Boody expanding their range into Loungewear and Activewear, representing categories that were outside of the traditional health offerings in pharmacy today.

With the help of Rocket sales field team we challenged the status quo across pharmacies by introducing apparel as a new category within the independent pharmacy channel. Leveraging off our instore relationships and Boody’s unique product health benefits resulted in distribution gains across many pharmacy stores.

Post successfully gaining distribution across the independent channel our next objective was to launch and gain ranging across the pharmacy banner groups. With Rocket’s expertise in account management and existing strong partnerships across the channel we worked with Boody in putting together a best in market product presentation highlighting the sales opportunity. These elements enabled us to successfully gain ranging across the Sigma retail group including Amcal and Discount Drug Stores as well selected Chemist Warehouse stores.

Today Boody is ranged in over 1000 pharmacies with many stores ranging over 150 lines across the range. Rocket has been successful in launching and establishing a new category within the pharmacy channel that continues to grow year on year.


Health & Wellness

DURATION: 2020 – Current

Fisiocrem has been in the Australian market for over 10 years, in that time it has become a staple in the pharmacy natural pain remedy category. Offering a topical gel formulation with natural herbs and plant extracts to provide treatment for sore muscles and joints.

From 2019 the brief for Rocket was to take Fisiocrem, already ranged in 2 major retailer’s and increase the reach and market share into the rest of pharmacy. Along with increased visibility and share of shelf in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and major groups. Leveraging the power of Rocket’s field team to further the reach in store, training store team members and delivery of incremental space and off location throughout the network. Further range expansion with NPD hitting the market in 2022.

Today Fisiocrem is available in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, all banner groups, and all wholesalers covering almost all pharmacies throughout Australia. Under Rocket’s management Fisiocrem has improved national coverage. Partnering with Chemist warehouse and Priceline we have doubled the shelf space and visibility.

Rocket’s passionate field team have secured hundreds of additional off locations in store and in 2022 successfully rolled out the long awaited NPD range extensions in Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, all major groups and all wholesalers, with speed to market the priority. The power of the Rocket Field team has also delivered distribution gains with over 95% of Stores ranging Fisiocrem. You would be hard pressed to not find it on shelf!



Mother & Baby Care

DURATION: 2020 – Current

Created in 2020, the founders Vikki and Lianne launched Bunjie baby skin care as a disruptive start up brand. Bunjie is Australian made and formulated for baby’s skin and made with no nasties. Disrupting the market with a range of prebiotic and probiotic baby skin care products unlocking the power of the first 1000 days of baby’s microbiome setup and endorsed by eczema association of Australia.

As a startup brand Bunjie needed a partner to be the power and voice with retail and wholesales customers. Targeting business agreements and ranging In Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and key banner groups, wholesalers, and grocery retailers. Leading the setup, day to day account management, pricing and promotional submissions along with ongoing business partnering and extensive in field support with training to drive awareness with retail partners and consumers.

Bunjie is now the #1 fastest growing baby brand in Australia. Rocket has successfully negotiated ranging in Chemist warehouse, Priceline and all major pharmacy groups, all wholesalers, Coles and Woolworths. Rocket’s approach to management of these accounts has promoted significant growth exceeding sales expectations, the team’s in field approach to training and merchandising has been a key factor of ranging and sales success in pharmacies and driving consumer brand awareness.




DURATION: 2014 – 2020

Life-Space launched in 2012 as a new vitamin brand to the market. The range evolved to be a specialist probiotic formula offering unique strains that target specific health concerns.

Whilst the client was successful in gaining traction in independent pharmacy, they were consistently denied ranging opportunities by the two largest pharmacy banner groups.

Rocket (formerly Cozmic Sales) was engaged by the Life-Space brand to act as the key account manager in both Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. The primary objective of the Rocket team was to secure a business agreement that would include a core range of products on shelf in every store. Day to day management of these accounts would form part of this representation if ranging was attained to ensure planograms and marketing strategies were executed and implemented effectively.
Rocket was successful in negotiating and implementing a range of Life-Space products into planograms for both pharmacy banner groups. The Rocket approach to management of these accounts promoted significant growth which contributed to the brand becoming the No.1 probiotic range in Australia with consistent double digit growth over 3 years. The expertise provided by Rocket also assisted the client with developing and expanding alternate channels outside of pharmacy.

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