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The Rocket mission = More power to brands!

Q: Why Rocket? A: Maximise your skin care brand’s presence in the pharmaceutical space, boost product distribution and drive sales!

At Rocket, we take pride in our ability to negotiate the most rewarding deals with retailers, get your products prominently displayed in the appropriate outlets, and capitalise on the many benefits of being in-store.

We are viewed by the industry as THE next-gen sales agency, offering a positive evolution from what has come before. As such, we have developed a smart and ultra-modern alternative to the more typical models offered by skin care wholesalers and distributors in Australia. We are driven by an innate enthusiasm for helping new brands to launch and established brands to flourish, through nurturing their retailer relationships.

When asked what makes Rocket a unique proposition for the skin care market, our answer is simple … it’s our full-service offering and commitment to developing ongoing strategies that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Entrepreneurial in nature and ever so slightly rebellious, we have shifted traditional thinking and challenged the status quo. The result is a completely distinctive approach that we believe best-serves the industry as it stands today, with our clients encouraged to think of us as the conduit between their brand and retailers.

Our achievements are made possible by an unparalleled list of contacts and solid relationships with some of the most influential people in the business. These are the metaphorical keys that open crucial doors for our clients. They enable us to easily connect them with the right people, supporting the development of long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships that are built to last.

We work with all manner of skin care businesses, from the start-up hoping to break into this highly competitive space for the first time, to the big national player looking for a fresh approach that will help enhance their market presence.

What makes Rocket soar is our tireless mission to give more power to brands. Utilising proven expertise, honest guidance and invaluable performance analytics, we provide clients with the intelligence needed to propel their businesses towards future success.

Board the Rocket ship and you’ll be boosting your existing team with a group of critical thinkers who possess an up-to-the-second knowledge of the skin care industry and its associated complexities. We take a highly strategic approach based on a big picture understanding and an instinct for avoiding risks. This method has proven time and again to get the results our clients desire, and much, much more!

Rocket Mission

At Rocket, we are your engine. We partner with you to define your mission, set the flight path and navigate the course. We do the day-to-day, so you don’t need to. We land it and deliver results

See your brand soar to new heights!

We embark on every mission with a clear sense of purpose. The credentials of our team speak for themselves, with a proven track record for establishing brands in the marketplace and turning them into household names. Our success is sparked by carefully considered strategy development, wide-ranging experience, strong industry relationships and proficiency in execution.

The end-to-end Rocket approach

Adding Rocket fuel at every stage …

  • Getting you in-front of buyers
  • Supporting you with the development and delivery of your pitch
  • Overseeing the process that will get your products onto shelves
  • Developing and executing your in-store marketing strategy
  • Providing analytical reporting for ultimate visibility
  • Collaborating with you on strategic planning for the future.

Selling your products to skin care distributors and keeping our fingers crossed for a great result simply isn’t good enough for the team at Rocket. Instead, we take a deep dive into your business, working with you to help create and sustain connections with the retailers we know are the best fit for your products.

At Rocket, we involve you in every step of the process, equipping you with a thorough understanding of every aspect of your retail performance. We do this through the provision of data to provide a complete picture of how your products are performing, plus a broader view of the marketplace in its entirety.

Our full-service approach supports clients throughout every aspect of the retail experience. Work with us to gain access to some of the most accomplished senior sales executives in the business, as well as on-the-ground support from a nationally deployed salesforce.

24/7 visibility. Because knowledge = power

Thanks to ongoing communication with the Rocket team and 24/7 visibility over your products and their performance, you’ll maintain a hands-on understanding of the market, what’s working, what’s not, and what steps can be taken to amplify your success.

Fuel your engine with extra time and capacity

Proper management of your retailer relationships takes good old fashioned hard work. Only then will you reap optimal rewards. Navigating these relationships successfully can be a complicated process, and maintaining them can chew up a lot of hours. However, these relationships also have the power to make or break your business!

Why not let an external expert take the activities associated with retailer relations off your to-do list? By engaging Rocket to oversee your in-store activities, you’ll get valuable hours back to dedicate to core business activities, from product development to above-the-line advertising.

The Rocket crew

Rocket is a powerful engine for brands, fuelled by forward-thinking, mould-breaking, highly-engaged sales specialists and business consultants with a passion for the cosmetics space.

Work with us and enjoy the kudos that comes with having some of the most respected talent in the business on your side! We have built a team with the kind of diverse skills and expertise you won’t find elsewhere, and have earned the respect of the industry’s major players with a proven track record for getting long-lasting results.

We approach everything we do with vivacity and creativity, while striving to remain across all the latest trends. It is our strategic thinking and employment of the tactics we know will do the job that helps set your brand apart, creating a lasting impression with retailers and consumers alike.

Our process really is Rocket science!

Preparing for lift off …

By combining superior knowledge and leadership skills, our team is in the strongest position to expertly walk you through the launch-to-market process, or advise you on the steps needed to drive your already established business towards even greater levels of success.

It may sound obvious, but the key to our approach is the time taken at the start of the process to fully understand your brand, passion and vision. This will inform the development of the perfect plan to support your goals.

We’ll take our accumulated familiarity with your products, audience, marketing strategy, promotional calendar and price points, and use it to equip you with specialist advice on the most appropriate retail outlets to target, before picking up the phone and making the introductions.

Introductions to the right people

From key people at the big names like Chemist Warehouse and Priceline, to independent pharmacy chains and outlets nationwide, we have the most enviable list of pharmaceutical industry contacts. It’s jam-packed with the names of people we have built long-standing and trusted connections with, which allows us to get you in front of the buyers who matter.

We’re operating in a heavily relationship-based space, so experience and credentials like ours mean everything. The industry is as familiar with Rocket as Rocket is with the industry. This is what powers Rocket to make things happen quickly, and to get the job done with the best possible results.

Knowing all the right things to do and say

Lost for words? Don’t panic! The Rocket team knows exactly what it takes to develop a winning, brand-boosting pitch. By identifying your points-of-difference, we’ll help clearly demonstrate why your products are a must-have for the customers of your target retailers.

Stage fright? Again, don’t panic! We’ll be right there with you throughout the pitch itself, helping to deliver your presentation to make the biggest and best impact.

And because of our boundless experience, we know exactly what your target skin care retailers are looking for in a deal. We also know what’s reasonable and, more importantly, what’s not! Put quite simply, with Rocket in your corner you won’t be left high and dry when it comes to negotiating a deal that will best serve your brand and its future success.

Getting you in-store and beyond!

Our 360-degree industry insights and informed perspectives continue to add value to our clients over the long-term. Picture our highly tactical approach as the rocket fuel needed to drive your sales sky-high!

Successfully pitching your product and getting you in-store is only the very beginning of the journey. We thrive when working to identify and chase new opportunities on a day-to-day basis. That’s what drives our proactive approach to working with brand owners and retailers on the development of successful and comprehensive annual in-store plans.

In-store success driven by a national field force

The Rocket approach is enabled by our intelligent national field force. Members of this unique and highly-skilled team are ready and waiting to become your official on-the-ground brand ambassadors. They’ll do this by developing an intimate knowledge of your products, before working with retailers in an ongoing capacity to ensure you are given the best opportunities to get noticed by customers.

We have team members in-position right across the nation, meaning we can make regular site visits to every outlet stocking your range. Liaising directly with retail staff, the mission is to ensure all in-store marketing and promotion is effectively delivered, that your brand is given the level of prominence it deserves, and that your products are continually available in the quantities needed, so you’ll never miss a sale!

This commitment is bolstered by our expertise in training. Obviously, you can’t be in-store 24/7 helping to drive sales, but Rocket can tool-up staff to do this for you. By working with your in-house team, we’ll come up with the kind of product training we know will make a strong impression. This will be delivered to retail staff by our lively and impassioned national team, so you can rest assured all customer-facing personnel will be equipped with the information needed to maximise sales.

Throughout all of the above, we’ll remain aware that everything we do is a representation of your brand. You can rest assured we’ll operate with the utmost levels of professionalism and compliancy at all times, while actively nurturing your retailer relationships.

Keeping you up-to-date

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, with an ethos of collaboration underpinning everything we do. That’s why our clients stay with us for the long-haul, with relationships built on trust, commitment and results. Let’s work together to achieve great things for your brand!


We are agents of change combining vision with action to deliver more power to brands and more power to people.

Looking to go global? With Rocket, the sky’s the limit!

One area that ensures Rocket soars above the competition is our experience in China, a lucrative and booming market that an ever-increasing number of Australian brands are looking to crack.

Our strong relationships with the top Daigous afford us an acute understanding of what and where to sell. This kind of knowledge is essential for reaping the benefits of a strong Chinese presence. And our credentials speak for themselves, with two of Australia’s most iconic brands, Swisse and Lifespace, achieving unprecedented growth in the Chinese marketplace thanks to our leadership, relationships and expertise.

  • “Rocket Director Matt Holmes led the sales effort at Swisse that saw us develop into China’s number 1 wellness brand. His relationship and team building skills were seminal to our success. Matt is a force for great things. Any brand that he chooses to get behind will be a success here in Australia and in China.” – Radek Sali, CEO, Swisse Wellness.
  • “Rocket provided access to key retailers through their strong relationships built on trust, expertise, retail experience and category insight. Our partnership with Rocket enabled us to expand our capacity and gain ranging in both Chemist Warehouse and Priceline – brand providence that is so authoritative to Daigou buyers. Rocket offers a suite of services that can add value and capacity, allowing you to focus on business development while they drive your brand and grow sales. Their strategic account management and promotional planning have been integral to our brand becoming the No. 1 probiotic brand in Australia and on China’s eCommerce platforms.” – Craig Silbery, Chief Executive Officer, Life-Space.

Rocket can support you with …

  • Business consulting
  • Go-to-market strategy development
  • Full-service promotion, sales and market activations
  • Retailer relationship management
  • In-store execution
  • Retailer product training
  • China and South East Asian expertise
  • Daigou business strategies
  • Global pricing strategies
  • Full service account management
  • Weekly and easy-to-understand reporting

A message from our leader …

“With a long track record for successfully launching pharmaceutical consumer brands both domestically and overseas, I identified an appetite in the marketplace for a new breed of sales agency.

The industry was crying out for a modern alternative to the traditional offerings of Australian pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers. I had a vision of creating an agency with focus, vitality and an entrepreneurial culture. This was achieved by carefully bringing together a creative team of strategic thinkers with an unparalleled understanding of the pharmacy landscape.

Rocket is an engine for brands. We’ll propel you forward and guide you along your desired trajectory. Our enthusiastic and confident field force will faultlessly execute our mission to represent your brand in-store, providing a vital link between your business plan and consumers Australia-wide.” – Matt Holmes, Managing Director, Rocket

Ensure the success of your brand today and into the future!

Rocket improves on the typical offering of skin care product distributors and wholesalers in Australia. From mission control in Cremorne, Victoria, our seasoned team of industry experts will work tirelessly to design, direct and facilitate the critical retail-related processes that will provide more power to your brand.

Don’t just take our word for it …

“Trilogy chose Rocket because of Matt’s proven track record in setting strong strategic business direction across multiple brands, channels and countries. Matt has extensive Australian Pharmacy experience across major groups, community pharmacy and deep cross border China experience, and has achieved unprecedented growth across two iconic Australian brands. The pharmacy and cross border channels are critical to our business and it is important that we partner with someone with a proven ability to partner with customers to achieve brand growth.

The wider Rocket team have category expertise and brilliant industry relationships nationwide providing us a strong platform for continued brand growth. With a culture for high-energy and a passion for success there is a real alignment to collectively deliver results.” – Sue Hogan, CEO Trilogy & Ecoya.

Brands we’ve helped grow

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